Tap Transpo. A Modern and Elegant touches on classic two cards transpo plot. Imagine putting spectator signed card and your own favourite card inside two separately black envelopes with a crystal clear window cut out. Spectator hold on one envelope with their signed card indside, you hold on the other. Then, the magic start to happen. Just a little tap of these envelopes on top of each other, two signed cards inside magically change place while they are still holding on them. - Gimmick fully assembled - Super duper viual, with no hide or cover - completely surrounded - Both cards are in full view and face up the entire time, with no fold, or turn the card or evelope face down. - Easy to setup and perform. The magic happens on spectator hands. - Instant reset How many card transpo effects out there could allow you to do the same? This is Tap Transpo. Grab one Now!