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Invisible Coin by Smagic

  • Invisible Coin by Smagic


Product description

An unbelievable transition effect
A lot of magic effects seem impossible and can surprise the audience. But when it comes to making a memory then nothing can beat a small and adorable souvernir
Like a coin.
From Smagic, we're introducing to you a new trick with the magical coins.
with nothing just you and two coins, we are ready to make the magical moment.
at first, let the spectator sign his name on one coin and hold it tight.
and you will do the same on the other.
then "flick off" and theyre switch.
The spectator can freely check the coins out
A visual simple effect but it can help u get reactions like this... and be a star in your party.
Invisible Coin is all you need and it is really ez to set up.
if you dont believe me, see it by yourself
look no further, its Invisible Coin.

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