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Fall Transpo by Smagic

  • Fall Transpo by Smagic


Product description

Fall Transpo - Game changer effect at classic plot: Transpo

Smagic proudly brings you: Fall Transpo
A fresh and modern touch on classic Transpo effect.

Imagine come up to anyone, anytime and ask them to select their favourite card.
You then tear off their card into four pieces, take the index corner
and ask them to put their own signature on that corner.
Spectator's signed corner is vividly putted inside a small clear zipper.
You introduce your own favourite card, also get tore off
and ditched inside another clear zipper.

You then lay your own favourite corner on the table, Spectator's corner
on top of the card box on the very edge of your corner on the table.
Then the Magic start to happen. Just a flick on the bottom of the card box,
two corners magically switch place instantly under the Wow
and After Shock on the face of audiences.

Easy to setup and perform, 
No special sleights involved,
Evething included in the dvd.

If you could flick your finger, you could perform this simple
and genius effect which guaranteed hit audience really hard.

This is Fall Transpo.
Grab your copy now. World Wide.

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