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Black Note by Smagic

  • Black Note by Smagic


Product description

BLACK NOTE - THE ULTIMATE MIND READING EFFECT From the mind of Ninh, we find out and put on the market the out-of-sight beautiful piece of Mentalism, easiest way to read anyone mind. No more "Nail writer", No more thumbtip, No more complex set up, No more nervous. Now, you can blow any spectator's mind with BLACK NOTE You take out your pad, tell spectator to think about their date of birth, the first letter in their name, etc. Then you start to read their mind, you circle a number on your pad, keep it save. Now, when they say the number, the letter out lout, Result is... Everything perfect match! With out sleight of hand, Instant reset, Perform anytime you want. Perform on street, close up, stage, and even TV show! Keep the secret for you right now!

--------------------------------------------- -

- NO thumptip, NO naill write

- Predict anything. Unlimited effects from you.

- Any case, any situations.

- Very easy to implement, no skill required

- Gimmick is 100% finish for you.

- Easy to setup, instant reset

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