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5 in a hole by Smagic

  • 5 in a hole by Smagic


Product description

A good piece of magic is magic that solves the impossible and mordern magic is visual, so that not only people could see the magic took place instantly but also puzzle themself in silence by what's just happened. IF YOU WANT BOTH OF THEM, WELCOME TO FIVE IN A HOLE. A 5 and 1 dollar bill are presented to audience from your wallet. You ask people to hold on 1 dollar bill and you hold on the other. Then, with just a little touch of these two dollar bills together and a magic snap, A number Five on the 5 dollar bill magically moves and prints itself on 1 dollar bill literally. Spectator then could check the money that they are holding on their own hands as much as they want and absolutely pause in silence by what've just happened. It's that Highly visual money effect that fits right inside your wallet and plays big for a full crowd. Its that easy to do and reset instantly.


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